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Readers of Johannes Greber's book Communication with the Spirit World of God: Its Laws and Purpose will find on page 38 of the 1979 6th edition the following matter:

"The boy would not sit down to write of his own accord, but would on each occasion be obliged to do so by that same resistless power that had taken possession of him for the first time at the meeting that I have described.  Even the precise time would be determined by that power.  Once he was awakened very early in the morning, long before the usual time of rising, and was summoned to get up and write.  He did not obey the summons, thinking the hour too early, when suddenly he felt himself pulled forcibly out of bed and laid upon the floor.  Thoroughly frightened, he sprang to his feet and sat down to write.  What he put down was a remarkable treatise on 'Redemption,' which did not agree in a single point with that which he, as a Catholic, had been taught on the subject, and which did not resemble, even remotely, anything that could have been gathered from any other known source.  In a like manner he, an untutored country lad, wrote a paper on the 'Holy Writ' which contains truths that are entirely new.  Not only the contents but the phraseology of these writings are such, that the boy could never have created them out of his own head.  He wrote treatises in prose on the following subjects: 'The Spiritualization of the Soul'; 'God's Mercy'; 'What has your Redeemer done for you?'; 'Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter'; 'The Harvest'; 'The Night'; 'Beseech ye the Lord'; 'The Holy Writ'; 'A Child's Love'; 'The Death of a Mortal.'

"Just as the sole subject of all of his prose writings was God's truths, so too in the case of his poems like: 'The Heroes' Demand'; 'The Language of Creation'; 'Hail and Hosanna'; 'In the Pathways of God'; 'God's Shepherd and his Flock'; 'The Stronger One'; 'Thus wanders thy Creator.'"

Johannes Greber collected these inspired writings of the country lad and put them together in a book that the Johannes Greber Memorial Foundation published and sold to the public.  One can still find copies of this dark blue, hardback volume available on bookstore websites on the Internet.  The title of the original German edition is Von Gottes Boten inspiriert - Die Schriften des Bauernjungen.

Until now, the English reading public had to by-pass this work unless one's German was adequate enough.

Attached to this page, however, is, for the first time, an unofficial translation into English of this volume of inspired writings.  This work is a true historical testament to Johannes Greber's personal experiences with God's holy spirits.  It is also a testament to what Greber describes in his book of the experiences he had with the young developing mediums in his parish.


May God's holy spirits continue to guide you and protect you.